The Happiest People

The happiest people who ever lived on the face of the Earth were the Prophets. This is in spite of the fact that they suffered more than anyone else. They had to endure severe persecution in delivering the message that Allah had entrusted them with. Beyond that, they were subjected to the same difficulties that all other human beings suffer from, like illness, poverty, hunger, and thirst, and often to a greater than usual degree.

Once, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) suffering from a bad fever so that his forehead was drenched in sweat and he was quite visibly suffering. One of his Companions said to him: “You are suffering from quite a severe illness.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: “Yes. I must endure illness to double the severity of the illnesses that you must endure.” [Musnad Ahmad]

He also suffered from starvation. Once, during the time of persecution, the Prophet (peace be upon him) came out from his home and found Abu Bakr and `Umar were outside. He asked them: “What brings you out at this hour?” They told him that it was hunger which brought them out. The prophet (peace be upon him) then said: “By Allah, the same thing that has brought you out of your homes has brought me out as well.”

At times, like during the Battle of the Trench, the Prophet faced hunger so severe that he had to tie two stones to his stomach in an attempt to relive the pain.

The Prophets all had to endure the persecution of their people on account of the message Allah sent them with. However, The Prophets; hearts were strong. Moreover, they remained open-hearted and magnanimous to the people and they persevered until their defeats were turned to victories.

The beauty of their lives is startling. In spite of what they had to endure, they knew more happiness and contentment than any other people. This can be seen in how they behaved and how they responded to what they encountered in life.