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Rabat – Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, the American Muslim whose videos against bigotry toward Islam have gone viral, tells her story on how she converted (reverted) to Islam.In her latest video, Rebecca opens up her heart and talks about her difficult childhood and the reasons that brought her to choose Islam as her faith and way of life.Everyone has a story, everyone’s life is a world of its own and Rebecca’s world was filled negativity and challenging experiences that touched her faith to God.From her lack of spiritual guidance at an early age, her “racist family that hung confederate flags on their home walls”, to attending churches that did not fulfill her, Alsalemi was desperately seeking an answer to all her questions.Her conversion, or as she calls it reversion to Islam was a life-changing moment that she will remember forever.“Islam was the best choice for me and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she concludes her touching statement.Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, of Native American descent, was born and raised in the U.S. She is a mother and an activist for the defense and support of the Muslim community.


Asalaam’Alaikum my brothers & sisters. My birth name is Megan and I’m a proud South African, I always took note of women in hijab and gained many Muslim friends as I grew into adulthood. Alhamdulilah I have been brought into the fold of Islam through my want and need to feel the love and inspiration to have this written into my taqdeer. I make dua everyday to aspire to the women and men of Islam around me and become a Muslima my creator imagined me to be. I am of a very staunch family but shukr they smiled and accepted my choice when I took my shahada. May The Almighty keep you all in his angels arms and protect you and awaken the joy and I’m a an of those worried what others will think of them in this ummah.


The football star , the former famous arsenal player TERRY HENRY leading prayer. .. MashaAllah guidance is in the hands of Allah. May Allah increase him with imaan




“As Salaam Alaykum this is my ffb_img_1455985418954ather. He served in the United States Marine Corp from 1967-1970. He was in the Vietnam War. My father has been there for me my entire life. I remember the day I had converted to Islam, many years ago. He supported my decision fully. I had prayed for many years that my parents would become Muslim’s.

My father has many medical conditions from being exposed to Agent Orange during his service.He has lived with my family for the past 9 years. We take care of him around the clock. My husband takes care of my father the same that I do. Anything he needs even helping to bathe him. Mashaa Allah I always believe because no matter what my father was suffering from.He still helped everyone.He would give anything for someone in need. So we are all here to help him and ease his burdens. In shaa Allah.  A little over 8 years ago my prayers were answered. My father took his Shahada Mashaa Allah, Allah Akbar.To this day I still get tears rolling down my face  when I think of this blessing. My father despite how hard it is for him physically never misses his prayer. No matter in the hospital, Or bed ridden. Mashaa Allah he is always waiting for the prayer to come. I remember growing up my father had not practiced religion. I had the discussion before he converted. Explaining to my father that Allah Subhan wa taala forgives. The war has haunted him like countless other veterans. My father is always eager to see other brothers in the store. Saying As Salaam Alaykum to them. Most of the time they walk past him and say nothing in return. My father wears a Vietnam Veteran Ball cap, and usually a Marine Corp Shirt. I see the smile fade from his face as he does not get a reply sometimes.  Unless they see me walk up behind him. I wanted to use this as a message. I wish that in our communities we do not see differences only that we are all the same. We have a duty to be kind towards others. Thru that kindness towards my father, he converted to Islam. There is not a dry face on Eid’s when he goes to the prayer. What a blessing this is Mashaa Allah. May Allah Subhan wa taala always bless him ameen.
We have a duty to be kind to others no matter if they are Muslim or not.We need to be volunteering in our communities to be beside others. Showing them what is Islam. Not what they see on TV.” – Eayrs


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